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bioseptic for the cesspools and septic tanks

bioseptic for the cesspools and septic tanks

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Prix: 10 USD (8,27 EUR)

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bioseptic for the cesspools and septic tanks Many owners of private houses are asking the question: do we need bacteria in General, and whether the money spent on their purchase is wasted? In fact, the use of microorganisms remains at the discretion of the user, but they can extend the service life of the septic tank and simplify the maintenance procedure. Microflora is removed in the laboratory, and is sold in dry (powders and tablets) or liquid form. In this state, they can be stored for a long time without losing their viability. Getting into a wet environment, microorganisms begin to develop actively, and for this they need food. It is noteworthy that bacteria feed on almost any waste of human life: fecal matter; fatty deposit; food waste; toilet paper; soap solution. It is these components that people usually drain into the sewer. These wastes are a real treat for bacteria, and are necessary for the active development of the colony. When they feed, the bacteria process almost everything, except for solid and non-destructible particles. As a result, the waste is converted into water, carbon dioxide and other harmless components that are partially absorbed into the soil, and the remains are removed by a pump. Microorganisms begin to act 2 hours after being placed in a favorable environment for them. The effect becomes noticeable after 2 days, and after four days the smell is eliminated by almost 70%. Dear customer! I always send care packages! But due to the unstable situation in the world, logistics companies do not work well. Try to be patient and wait for your parcel, it will definitely come to you! I always provide a tracking number. Thank you for your purchase!

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