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Organic natural compost starter, enough for 1 cub.m (35 cub.feet)

Organic natural compost starter, enough for 1 cub.m (35 cub.feet)

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Prix: 6,5 USD (5,38 EUR)

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  • Type: Compost Starter
  • Brand: Bioefect
  • Ingredients: Bacteria
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Latvia
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BIO COMPOSTER Dry powder of compost starter, enough for 1 cubic meter (35.3 cubic foot) of compost bin, compost tumbler or dry toilet contains. Purpose of use: Rapid composting of garden and kitchen waste, while destroying pathogenic microbes in compost; chipping of sawdust; dry toilet dispersion and odor elimination. Just add part by part this starter and mix in to waste. Exposure: The BIO COMPOSTER actively disperses organic matter in aerobic and anaerobic conditions under different temperature regimes. Due to the large variety of microorganisms in the preparation, it is effective in a wide pH range: 6.5-8.0. At the beginning of biodegradation processes, due to thermophilic microorganisms, the mass will heat up to 60 ° C, cellulose-containing compounds become more degradable, weed seeds and germs die. Cellulose degradation products further promote the activity of other microorganisms that aggravate protein degradation and convert organic nitrogen into the simplest, plant-like form. If the conditions for composting are met, usually the BIO-COMPOSTER multi-organism microorganisms at 18 ° C and higher completes their activity in a month. The original green color of the compost has become dark brown. It destroyed plant diseases, weed seeds. The compost is water-neutral, close to pH, and the aroma of fresh earth released by the actinomycetes it contains.The biocomponent can be diluted with water in a bucket or in two, it does not matter - the key to keeping the stack moist. If the stack is already wet, then the preparation may also not be diluted, but then evenly coated the prepared material. After preparation, it is advisable to cover the heap so that the precipitates are not washed out. In the dry summers, it is advisable to add water to the compost pond as the action of the microorganisms requires moisture. It is recommended that the green mass (weeds, chopped grass) be regularly covered with peat or soil layer. A compost pile can also be prepared late in the fall using the Biocomponent. In the winter, the composting process takes place, but very slowly, but pathogenic microorganisms do not grow.The biocompostant successfully prevents the formation of unpleasant odors in dry toilets. However, it should be borne in mind that when using live microorganisms, household chemical waste containing chemical detergents must not be used in the dry toilets. The compost pile can be prepared according to different methods at the discretion of each owner, however, the following composting principles must be followed for the successful operation of the preparation:The composting materials can be varied: plant, fruit and root residues, leaves, straw, paper, tree peel, grass, sawdust, peat, manure, kitchen and waste of various products, etc.- the action of the microorganism requires air, it is ensured by applying alternating layers of composite materials to the structure and composition, each time the next layer is applied to the soil, but if the compost is compacted, it must be degraded before the treatment;-In order to increase the surface of microorganisms and to promote the separation process, it is desirable to crush the composting materials;The biological processes of the microorganism require at least 40-60% moisture, therefore the pile is additionally hydrated if necessary and preferably covered with a layer of soil, peat or film from the top.It should be noted that the composting material also affects the composting quality. The ideal material for active composting in the presence of microorganisms is when the ratio of carbon to nitrogen is 25: 1. If this ratio is 20: 1, then microorganisms use carbon completely, but unconnected nitrogen is released into the air. Using different composting materials, you can adjust the ratio of carbon to nitrogen to the required extent. A good additive for these raw materials is manure, the remains of kitchen products, fruits and roots. It should be remembered that different manure can have different ratios of carbon and nitrogen, for example, bird manure has high nitrogen content, but bovine manure along with used peat litter has low nitrogen content. If the ratio of carbon to nitrogen is higher than 50: 1, then the composting time will increase significantly.

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